ACTSearch-Advanced Communication Technologies

Our Philosophy

At ACTSearch, we believe that a company's success is directly related to the caliber of the individuals it hires.    We strive to attract the most creative, motivated and committed people to ensure your success as a technology leader.

We have achieved successful recruiting  and staffing results over the past 30 years for our clients. In doing so, we have helped our clients grow their technology teams to become world class sector leaders throughout the USA.

We maintain a vast network of contacts and provide our clients with the best possible service through clear communication, trust and expedient performance while concentrating on your specific staffing objectives.

ACTSearch represents our client firms with confidence and professionalism. We partner directly with your team throughout the placement process to define your needs, develop a strategy tailored to meet your company objectives, conduct an organized detailed search and present the candidates best qualified for your opportunity.

Search Services- Fees and Models

Retained Search

ACTSearch is your single source for your recruiting assignment. As this is a consultative approach, we meet with your executive team, structure our agreement in terms of fees, payments and objectives, discuss the position, title, requirements, and compensation and learn about your competition, advantages and value proposition.

We then initiate and conduct a detailed search involving extensive research, conducting detailed in-depth interviews with qualified candidates, checking references filtering and assessing skills, personality, leadership attributes, motivation and performance, to present two (2) qualified hires and two (2) alternate candidates.

From our initial client meeting to the completed search assignment generally requires 90 days and clear concise interaction with our clients executive team.

Contained Search

This is a hybrid model employing features and benefits of both contingency and retained search. ACTSearch is your exclusive captive recruiter (no second sourcing from another external recruiter) no associated upfront fees and require direct access your internal hiring authorities..

This model can be commission/fee based or a combination of Reduced Fee/Stock basis (for Pre-IPO's). In the latter, the value is in the shared risk/stock reward and reduced fee to keep the burn rate associated with hiring low.

Contingency Search

This is the most common and highly available search agreement between Recruiting/Staffing firms and Clients. It is a fee based model paid to the staffing firm from the resulting hire.

ACTSearch performs as one of your preferred vendors/recruiters and provides highly qualified individuals after securing a agreement based on your company job requirements.

Our typical Contingency Agreements are contracted at 25-30% fee based on the individuals starting salary, depending on the complexity of the assignment and offer a 30 day replacement guarantee.

Special Offerings

Inclusive in our Contingency and Contained Search offerings, ACTSearch also offers special arrangements for contract temporary and temporary to permanent hires. These arrangements are well suited to client companies who have an immediate hiring need but are not certain that they'll gain approval for a permanent requisition.

  • The fee to ACTSearch will be based upon our permanent fee agreement (typically 25-30%). For the period of the contracted hire, ACTSearch will bill the client monthly.
  • The amount is based on the agreed fee percent and billed contracted hours, as a percentage of contractors' hourly rate of pay.
  • In the event the individual is hired into a permanent role with the client, ACTSearch will deduct the contracting fee amount and apply it to the permanent placement fee.

We ACT for You!


To meet our clients hiring objectives, we offer the following guidelines:

  1. Help us to help you. Think of our team as an extension of yours. Spend time with us upfront. It will pay off in the long run.
  2. ACTSearch will interview and brainstorm with your hiring team to learn as much as possible about your urgency, timing, culture, objectives, challenges, competition and requirements. Be open, honest, and consistent in defining your requirement and hiring objectives.
  3. Allow us to interject ideas and comments to initial a strategic hiring plan. We know our industry, what people earn, what motivates them and drives them to leave their current employers.
  4. Write up a detailed job description and get sign off on the content from all of the interview team. It will insure you're united, well organized and consistent as a group when interviews are conducted.
  5. Provide us with prompt detailed feedback within 24 hours of the interview. It will serve to keep the candidate meeting fresh in your mind and provide us with further insight on what you liked/disliked about the individual. We can filter candidates better with the additional insight and comments.
  6. Share other thoughts as you're screening additional candidates. Often the picture becomes clearer after meeting several candidates. The position gets further defined as you get further into the interview process.
  7. Make us aware of any changes in the hiring plan or urgency, immediately.
  8. As we move collectively into the offer/courtship stage, let us advise you on salary, bonus, title and hot buttons. We strive to know our candidates personal and professional objectives and can guide you towards a win-win hire.


Our clients have included the following companies:

  • John Deere-Navcom Technologies
  • Broadcom
  • RFMD
  • RF Axis
  • L-3 Communications
  • Entropic Communications
  • Argo Navigation
  • Qualcomm
  • Maxlinear
  • Samsung SISA
  • Mediatek/Ralink Technologies
  • Newport Media
  • Skyworks
  • Boeing
  • Solarflare Communications
  • SiRF Technology
  • Mindspeed
  • WirelessHome/Proxim/Western Multiplex
  • Truespan
  • Cianna Medical