ACTSearch Inc - Advanced Communication Technologies

Our Plan for You

We represent you with discretion, confidentiality and professionalism. Your resume will not be submitted to our clients or affiliates without your prior consent. Together, we will discuss your expertise, achievements and interests, for the purpose of formulating an action plan based on your specific requirements.

Your career search action plan will include the following elements:

  • Market research, geographic/salary analysis and cost of living
  • Career alternatives to position you favorably or redirect your career toward growth markets
  • Resume services: to include proofing, evaluation, recommendations and re-construction or re-formatting
  • Interview preparation including: company history; products and services offered, job requirements, management styles, personality profiles and career growth potential
  • Interviewing techniques and strategies to communicate effectively
  • Detailed interview feed-back
  • Salary negotiation and decision-making advice

Through our industry expertise and vast contacts, 

you can be assured of in depth technical interviews with key decision makers.

ACTSearch strives to establish and maintain long term relationships with the individuals we represent

and will continue our search efforts on your behalf until you are satisfied with the results.

What we request of you

ACTSearch requests clear, honest and open dialog with the people we represent and require reasonable expectations and goals, but above all, an understanding and trust which will enable us to have a mutually enjoyable and beneficial long term relationship.

We represent the following explosive growth markets:

Internet of Things-IOT, Matter/CHIP, RFID, UWB, SDR, HDTV, WLAN-MIMO, STB, WiMax, LTE, GPS/GNSS/RTK, DVB, BT/BLE, Zigbee/ZWave, Imaging/3D/Gesture Sensor, WCDMA/LTE/CDMA, 4G/5G, Broadband, Multimedia, Secure and Converged Communications, SATCOM-VSAT, RADAR-SONAR, Telematics, Navigation, and Medical Electronic Devices

Engineering technologists:

Digital, Analog-Mixed Signal, Power Mgmt, SOC, RFIC, ASIC Engineering, Embedded Systems, HW/SW/FW, DSP/Microcontroller Developers, Systems Simulation, Algorithm Development Engineers, Systems Integration and Test, Product Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Reference board designers, Application Engineers.

We also are accomplished in supporting management to executive level hires:

Managers, Directors and VP's of Engineering, Research and Development, Sales(Domestic and International), Strategic and Product Marketing, Business Development, Business Unit G/M's, Product Line/Product Engineering/Program/NPI Managers, Operations, CTO's, CSO's, CMO's, and CEO's.